Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Google Docs + Forms = Interactive Cultural Reading

To learn more about cultural differences that exist in vacation planning, students read an article that I placed into a  Google Doc.  At the bottom of the Doc, I placed a link to a Google Form I created that assessed their reading comprehension.  The thing I really liked is that the combination provided a richer reading experience for students and made it more interactive.  In addition, with the new Google Forms features, I was able to include a map image that was needed for reference for one of the questions.  Students were much more focused on this activity than with traditional reading activities that I have done in the past.  Also, many commented on how they liked it much better!  Check out the video below to see the activity taking place!

Take a look at the activity! > Unit 1.2 Cultural Reading w/linked Google Form

Monday, September 9, 2013

Custom Google Search - Intro. to our first unit

In Spanish 3 I am currently re-doing the curriculum and basing all of the major units around an essential question/understanding.  For unit 1 it is "How do people enjoy the outdoors in other parts of the world?".  To introduce students to this and have them learn about some of the popular outdoor activities in other countries, I created a customized Google search using various Spanish websites.  I then had students search and put together a list as a class of the different countries and popular outdoor activities there.  The activity when really well and what I liked is that they were exploring the sites, coming up with their own information, and sharing it with the class versus me just telling them about it.  Take a look at the video below to see how it went!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sparking Creativity & Collaboration! - Perforamce Based Assessment

After studying the present subjunctive, with verbs of emotion and doubt, and looking at our current essential question "¿Quiénes son los héroes del mundo? (Who are the heroes of the world?), students in my Spanish III courses were assessed via a presentational performance based assessment.

The task:  Create a skit about a problem/issue and a final resolution to the problem involving some type of hero.   (Students also needed to properly integrate present subjuntive w/ verbs of doubt and emotion within their diolague.)

To complete their task, students used various tools to continue collaborating outside of the classroom.  Tools that were utilized included Google Docs, E-mail, Facebook, and Text Messaging.  It was amazing to see all of the creative presentations that the students put together that included not only proper use of the present subjunctive, but also integration of other personal interests as in the example below.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Community Input - Creating a Professional Google Site

All of my Spanish III classes are creating a Google Site in Spanish with resources and recommendations (to practice the Present Subjunctive w/ verbs of influence) on specific occupations/professions.  Each small group is in charge of a web page within the site that contains information about their chosen profession.  In order to create the pages, students are researching and finding community members that hold those occupations to ask them for recommendations or advice they would give to someone that wants to go into that field.  I am impressed with their ideas/work so far and can't wait to see the finished products.  Stay tuned for another post with the final products!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Music for learning!

I like to make songs up to common tunes for my students to help them learn key concepts in class.  Today instead of just writing my lyrics on a slide and having them read/sing the words.  I created a music video fairly easily using Youtube.  Just a way to make it a little more fun and engaging!

Tools used:  Youtube, Webcam, Youtube Editor  

Take a look at my new Subjunctive song!