Wednesday, December 9, 2015

EDPuzzle for Individualized Instruction or Assessment

Today I utilized EDPuzzle for the first time in my Spanish III classes to introduce the concept of impersonal expressions.  It worked fabulously and students really liked that they could start the lesson and move at their own pace.  I really liked that I was able to stop the students during the video to check for understanding with multiple choice and open ended questions.

Process for implementation:  I pre-recorded the lesson using Screencast-O-Matic and then uploaded the video to YouTube.  Next, I used that video within EDPuzzle  and created my own questions throughout to make sure students were understanding the concept.  To share the EDPuzzle easily with my students I linked it to my class blog/website or had them open it via the EDPuzzle Ipad app and gave them the class code.  (Students did need to log in with their school Google account to access the lesson.)  

Other ideas: In addition to using EDPuzzle for instruction of a concept/skill, it could also be used in a language classroom for listening activities or assessment.

Video of the tool within my classroom (Video created by Clay Reisler):