Monday, March 18, 2013

Sparking Creativity & Collaboration! - Perforamce Based Assessment

After studying the present subjunctive, with verbs of emotion and doubt, and looking at our current essential question "¿Quiénes son los héroes del mundo? (Who are the heroes of the world?), students in my Spanish III courses were assessed via a presentational performance based assessment.

The task:  Create a skit about a problem/issue and a final resolution to the problem involving some type of hero.   (Students also needed to properly integrate present subjuntive w/ verbs of doubt and emotion within their diolague.)

To complete their task, students used various tools to continue collaborating outside of the classroom.  Tools that were utilized included Google Docs, E-mail, Facebook, and Text Messaging.  It was amazing to see all of the creative presentations that the students put together that included not only proper use of the present subjunctive, but also integration of other personal interests as in the example below.