Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reflection - Red Raider Learning Academy - Day 2

Today's reflection questions:

How might 6 hat thinking (see here for explanation) be used within the classroom or with colleagues?

  • I think that 6 hat thinking could be a great 'tool' for facilitating a discussion.  It recognizes the different hats we all wear at times and takes those into account.  The 6 hat thinking could help create better discussion by recognizing what everyone brings to the table and help avoid feelings of exclusion, hurt, jealousy, resentment, etc.  However, I do feel that if not facilitated well, it could hinder discussion.  

Describe when you have seen elements of the 4 stages of community (see here for explanation) in your community, school or family.  What stage is your school community in? 
  • I tend to see the 4 stages of community, (pseudocommunity, chaos, emptiness and community) when "communicating' in life.  The communication could be actions, words or both.  I feel that I constantly see all 4 stages, depending on the situation, people, etc.  In my school I feel that throughout the year we go between all 4 stages depending on the issues that arise or are being discussed, but I do love when that stage of community is achieved!!      

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