Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reflection - Day 1 - Red Raider Learning Academy

This week I have signed up to take part in the Pulaski Red Raider Learning Academy within my school district.  This week long academy will have many components including collaboration time, goal-setting, experiences, reflections and more.  I have chosen to do my daily reflections via my professional blog to hopefully share / pass on what I learn!  Also, if you have any comments on my ideas/thoughts/etc. please share them.  I love the feedback!!  So here goes...

Day 1 Reflection Questions:

  • Where are you at as an educator?  I feel that as an educator I have come a really long way and have filled my "toolbox" with many useful teaching tools in 10 years, but I still have a really long way to go and will never be able to fill up my toolbox to the point where I won't need more!  I love learning, especially about learning and technology! It is fascinating to learn how the brain works and exciting to develop new tools to improve and motivate student learning.   Right now I feel that I am and will continue to be a builder of ' learning experiences' who continually needs to keep learning to improve and make those experiences successful!
  • How have you gotten there? I have arrived at where I am at through the many experiences in my life and what I have learned from other successful educators.  I also feel that taking risks in my teaching practice and consciously working to improve have been huge factors in forming the educator I have become.
  • What were the challenges and successes from the past school year? I did a recent blog post, where I reflected on the past school year and my thoughts can be seen by clicking here.

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