Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Semester 2 Spanish Oral Exams via Google Voice

Students are completing their semester 2 oral exams in my Spanish 3 courses today.  This is the process I use...

1.  Students receive a list of 3-4 possible tasks/questions 1-2 days in advance that assess whether or not they have met specific learning targets from the 2nd semester.
2.  Students prepare for all three of the questions/tasks.
3. On the day of the exam, students randomly choose one of the questions from a bucket to respond to.
4.  They use their cell phones to call my Google Voice number and leave a message with their name and response.
5.  I can then assess their responses from anywhere I have internet access using my Google Voice Account.

**You can even immediately text students their score from Google Voice!

Take a look....

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