Tuesday, May 8, 2012

¡Presentaciones! - Which digital tool is best?

As a culminating assessment for our Spain Unit, the Spanish 4 students worked collaboratively in small groups to create a presentation on an autonomous community of Spain.  Their task was to convince their classmates to travel to their autonomous community by educating them on what their community had to offer.  During their presentations, they had to utilize 3 different visual components of their choice. (This was a project originally created by my colleague, Tracie VanGheem-Rottier.)   I was amazed at all the different web-based tools that students chose to best fit their needs and the various ways they utilized them within their presentations.  Some tools included Prezis, Tumblr blogs, Google Presentations, and Slide Rocket Presentations. Take a look here at a few clips of their presentations!


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