Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PCSD Model Classroom Teachers Meeting

Want to start out by saying that I am extremely grateful to work in a school district and have technicians that are so supportive, helpful and encouraging of innovation in education!

Meeting Highlights and New Ideas:
  • Need to create an organization shelf for easy storage of tablets during the school day.
  • One of the model teachers using Twitter with students - love the idea of creating a hashtag for our class and discuss various topics in the target language.
  • What is the best device to purchase at specifice buildings/for age of students?
  • PDF of lesson - put on blog and embed form with activities with it!
  • Create e-mail filter to filter e-mail from students for assignments right into a folder!
  • Google form>get students name and blog address>copy addresses>put in Google doc and publish on class blog.  Brilliant!
  • Voice Record with Micdroid app - send via e-mail to blog! 
  • Problem Based Learning - What is it?
    1. Has a situation problem to be solved.  Students come up with their own way to solve it.  
    2. No set product.
    3. Needs to have collaboration, communication, problem solving, real life relevance, real life audience

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