Friday, February 24, 2012

Cartoon Camera App (Android) + Blogger!

To assess one of the learning targets for our current Spanish 3 unit (Title = Who are the Heroes?), which is 'Students will describe people and things', I had students create and blog about their own super hero, name him/her, describe what he/she was like and tell about his/her powers.  They also had to include a visual representation of their original superhero.  

Many students chose to use the Cartoon Camera App to create their visual. The app works just like the regular camera, but creates a photo that is "cartoonized'.  Students were fascinated with this app and it generated more enthusiasm for their assigned task!  Other students chose to create their own drawings, using one of the drawing apps on the Android tablet and then took a screen shot of their work.  

Here are a few examples of my students' creations.  


Monday, February 20, 2012

Y TV? YoutTube and Video in the Classroom!

I created this presentation for the PCSD February District Inservice.  It contains mini tutorials for each topic listed on specific slides.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Google Sites - Student Created Web Sites

As the culminating assessment for our unit on Professions and Subjunctive with verbs of hope and influence, each Spanish class is creating a Google Site to give their audience, Spanish speakers, information on and recommendations for a myriad of professions they have chosen.  Each group is in charge of a profession/web page within the site and must include resources, recommendations and other relevant information for people that may be interested in their profession.  The great thing about Google Sites is it is part of Google Apps and students can access their work 24/7!

Take a look at some of the initial planning and work students are doing for their sites!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Video lesson for Sub = No worries!

As I will be in a Model Classroom Meeting all day tomorrow, I created a video lesson for my Spanish III students, uploaded it to YouTube and posted it on the class blog for students to access.   It is an awesome way for students to continue learning, even if the instructor cannot be in the physical classroom!  

How did I do this??
  1. I used Smart Recorder to record and annotate the lesson.  You could also use the free tool Screenr to do the same thing.  
  2. I logged into my YouTube account and uploaded the video.  
  3. I then logged into Blogger and posted the video on the class blog, where each day's lesson and resources are posted.  
Here is my video lesson example....