Thursday, February 9, 2012

Google Sites - Student Created Web Sites

As the culminating assessment for our unit on Professions and Subjunctive with verbs of hope and influence, each Spanish class is creating a Google Site to give their audience, Spanish speakers, information on and recommendations for a myriad of professions they have chosen.  Each group is in charge of a profession/web page within the site and must include resources, recommendations and other relevant information for people that may be interested in their profession.  The great thing about Google Sites is it is part of Google Apps and students can access their work 24/7!

Take a look at some of the initial planning and work students are doing for their sites!


  1. I love it!

    So your students are making one big website! We have our 6th graders doing very basic stuff, but we have them each create their own site. I like the idea of making one big site. So much easier to navigate through I bet.

    They are also kind of starting to learn the value of resume building and preparing for the interview process.

    Very cool!

    Do you do any other work with Google Sites and students?

  2. I have also done a 'Craig's List' type Google Site with my Spanish IV students to practice Subjunctive with adjective clauses. Each student had to create their own want ad.