Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Remind101 - Keeping parents informed of class happenings!

This year I am using Remind101 for texting parents and students of important class information and reminders.  In the past I collected phone numbers, etc. from everyone to do this.  However, using Remind 101 has streamlined the process and made it much easier.

After setting up an account in Remind101, I created separate "classes" for each class I taught and for the parents of students in those classes.  With each class you get a subscription code that you can give out for people to subscribe to it. Once someone subscribes, Remind101 collects their name/info., which allows me see who subscribes. The teacher can also unsubscribe someone if necessary.  

I put my Remind101 subscription codes in my syllabus and will also put them out at parent teacher conferences tonight to advertise this optional form of communication to parents!

This is a screen shot of what will be displayed on the Smartboard in my classroom as parents walk in for conferences! (I have scribbled out the exact codes for privacy reasons.)


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