Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pick an App - Creating visuals for what we are reading!

Today, in order to help students read & understand the current chapter of "Don Quijote", we did the following activity ...

1.  Students were broken down into small groups.
2.  Each group was randomly given a section to read and tell the class about. (Jigsaw)
3.  Each group was directed to create a visual representation of their section to present with their explanation to the class using an Android app of their choice.

This activity worked wonderfully and I love that students are able to connect a visual representation of what they are reading to help in understanding/processing.  Here is one of the works of art my students created (In only 5 minutes!) using an app called Paint Joy.  This app is great because it records each stroke you make and plays it back to you in a video format  Other apps that were used today by different student groups included Whiteboard and Skitch.

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