Friday, December 9, 2011

Genial Writing App + SlideRocket Presentation = Great conjugation practice!

We utilized the "Genial Writing" app today along with a Sliderocket presentation I made containing alternating slides of a verb with a subject to conjugate and it's answer.  Students display the SlideRocket game on one of the tablets and use the other tablet to write their answers.  We are using this game/strategy to practice conjugation in the future tense, but it could be used with really any tense in a foreign language or be applied for other concepts in any subject area.  Things I like:

  • SlideRocket is a great presentation creator!  Great slide transitions and it embeds easily into a blog or website.  Also, it allows you to specifically share presentations with specific people and see how many people are using your presentation and how.  Best part.... it's part of our Google Apps!

Take a look at our activity here!

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