Friday, August 26, 2011

Apps for the Xooms

I am really looking forward to working with the Xoom tablets as they are on the Android system.  The super cool thing about it is many students have Android smart phones and will be able to download and use the same apps outside of class also!

 I have started to put a list of apps together, in no specific order, that I would like to place on the Xoom tablets to start off the year.  I will be installing the apps on the devices using the Chrome to Phone extension via Google Chrome.  Take a look and if you have any recommendations/suggestions, please leave a comment!
  • QR Droid                                  
  • Where's my droid?
  • Student Clicker
  • Trippo
  • Catch
  • Blogger
  • Docs
  • Word Reference
  • Verb Conjugator
  • Ipadio
  • Google Earth
  • Flash Card Maker Pro
  • Document Scanner
  • Socrative Teacher
  • Spanish Verbs Pro
  • Spanish Verb Trainer

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