Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gotta love Google Docs!

Wordle: google docs 
Tool:  Google Docs!!  I recently created an Internet scavenger hunt for my Spanish III classes to learn about different holiday traditions in Spanish speaking countries around the world.  To do this I utilized the forms feature of Google Docs.   All I had to do was... 1. Write a few directions 2. Include the link to the website(s) for the scavenger hunt.  3.Input the questions for students to answer.  Afterwards, I embedded the form and questions onto my class webpage.  Students could submit their answers directly from my site, which made it even more efficient.

Reflections/Results:  I will definitely be using Google Docs more in the future!  The forms feature specifically was so efficient and I can envision using it in a variety of ways in education.  Teachers could create mini quizzes, solicit student feedback, use it for polling, webquests, and more!  It is definitely a must for any teacher toolbox!

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